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You know that commercial for Ready Whip? Oil, or cream? And the women in that commercial looks disgusted. I mean, truly grossed out at the thought of putting oil on her cherry pie. Well, I’m here to disagree. Not about the cherry pie per say, but about oil vs. cream. I’m talking skincare.

I personally think that oil is better for skincare, as it is more similar to the sebum that your skin naturally creates, and it sinks into the skin and moisturizes deeper. Not to mention the ingredient lists tend to be a whole heck of a lot shorter, which is always a good thing. Oil also tends to be less expensive. The negatives are that it can be messier if you’re not careful, and that it is hard to get used to the feeling that oil gives your skin, rather than a moisturizer.

I have extremely dry skin, so I find it difficult to get my skin soft and smooth, and to lose the  flakey, scaly skin, especially during the winter. The way I have found to correct this: warm, not hot, showers, followed immediately by using Almond Oil on my entire body, Argan Oil on my face, and Moroccan Oil on my hair. I use a natural bar soap with tea tree oil from Trader Joe’s to cleanse my body, and Bare Escentuals Purifying Facial Cleanser on my face. These products don’t dry out my skin any further, and they still leave me feeling fresh and clean. Since this routine started, my skin has gotten much better, and my skin has a nice glow.


A few other notes: No tanning, no harsh chemicals on my skin (it is the largest organ of the body after all), and NO ITCHING! I get really itchy when I’m dry and I tend to cut myself-no good. So…I have nearly resorted to duct taping oven mitts on my hands before switching to this skin care routine.

So, give oil a shot, and see what you think. And a note: no, it will not make you break out if you chose the correct oil. Almond Oil is great for your body and can be purchased from Massage Warehouse. Argan Oil is my oil of choice for my face, as it is too expensive for my whole body, but makes my face look AWESOME, and Moroccan Oil for my hair.

Hope this helps my fellow dry skin peeps out there!!!


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