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eat no evil

Thank you for checking out my blog!!!

I am here to give tips on organizing, beauty, decorating, great products, fitness, couponing, saving money, and, most importantly, cooking! I think that life isn’t about being great at one or two of these things, but it’s about being good at all of them! You’ll find yourself feeling more happy and complete when you can walk into a clean, organized, decorated house that feels like “you”, look in the mirror and like what you see, cook great food that helps get you where you want to be on your weightloss/maintenance goals, and be able to pull up your checking account without fainting. Trust me, I’ve worked on every aspect of these, and some I have found peace and balance in, and some are still under contraction. But I figured that we could go through them together. Deal?


<3Courtney and hubbs


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