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Who say’s you have to have cheese to enjoy lasagna? Not me!!! I didn’t believe this could be this good until the first time I tried it, and since then, I’ve been hooked!

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Well, thank you for asking! It is liquid health, worth its weight in gold, and it is life in a glass. Ok, maybe I shouldn’t go that far. But, it is pretty awesome. There are tons of variations, but this is my base that I love and drink every morning for breakfast. I drink this, absorb its green goodness, and then eat some fruit about an hour later.

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You ever tell someone that you are making a Vegan dinner, and have them make some comment about how it either a) won’t taste good, b) won’t be enough food, or c) it will be impossible to “satisfy” meat eaters. Well, let me tell you that this will change their minds! No promises about it making them ditch the meat and rock a vegan lifestyle full time, but their skeptical mind will be satisfied, and so will their belly.

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I love pizza. But, I don’t love eating meat and cheese. But, I REALLY love pizza. So, how to unite these conflicting emotions? Vegan pizza!

Sammie looks excited! What do you think?

Lets check out the recipe! 

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Sweet. Refreshing. Creamy. Healthy? Yup! This is really easy to make, quick, and is a great healthy dessert for when you just HAVE to have something sweet!


1 cup frozen sliced peaches

1 banana-this sweetens and thickens!

1-2 cups unsweetened vanilla almond milk (to desired thickness)


Blend and serve!

Told you it was easy!!!

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